We are passionate lovers of all marine activities such as sailing, boating, cruising, fishing, kiting, kayaking, paddle boarding, as well as simply walking through the marina.

Our mission is to provide our clients, whom we call our crew members, high quality and reliable products at the best cost in the market. We have done this with passion for over four decades.


Our story begins at the end of the 70s, with a small chandlery placed in a sailing boats port on the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, the company has evolved: generating new business models, expanding business in South America and managing export centers in the United States.

In 2002 we opened the first distribution center in Miami, Florida. From this distribution center we began to develop the US domestic market, and since then our growth has never stopped.

Today our headquarters and distribution center are located in a modern building in Miramar, Florida.


Our passion for satisfying our customers, crew members, has led us to decide after many years to create our brand, FiveOceans.

All FiveOceans products summarizes well our experience of more than 40 years in this activity.

We ensure to offer the best possible balance between quality and price to our crew members.


The name represents the five oceans on Earth, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, and the Arctic.

Our brand is based on five fundamental principles, which are our guide in our constant growth.

Optimal Portfolio, Credibility, Equation, Availability, New Products (Innovation)


We have a complete portfolio with more than 1500 products, reviewed and renewed every season.


Our business track record, name in the market, and expertise in the marine industry gives us unique credibility in the market.


Our products offer excellent quality and a very competitive price to provide the best value equation in the category.


We know how vital product availability is to our customers around the world. We do constant work to maintain excellent levels of availability in our different warehouses, managing to provide our crew members with a quick response to their requirements.


Our innovating process allows us to generate more than 150 new products for each season. This competitive advantage is based on our experience and relationship with suppliers.

In agreement with our principles, we summarize our brand purpose: We are the official sponsor and supplier of your passion, Enjoy your Passion!

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